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Building safety tips

【Windows aren’t made for these uses!】

Build and Ding were shaken by the fallen window incident in Yau Ma Tei yesterday. Fortunately, no one was injured.  Please bear with our repeated reminders: #Check your windows regularly to end your worries.  #Buildings thingies ain’t no easy-peasy!  

Here are some reminders for the proper use of windows: 
❌ Don’t put additional load on the window sashes when cleaning
❌ Don’t force open or close the windows if they’re stuck
❌ Don’t hang any objects on the window sashes or bar hinges
✅ Keep an eye on the condition of the windows regularly

If you find anything wrong with your windows, arrange an inspection with a qualified person and the repair with a registered contractor IMMEDIATELY!  #Nip the problems in the bud!

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