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Building safety tips

【What should you do on receipt of a #DangerousHillsideOrder?】

What should you do on receipt of a dangerous hillside (DH) order?  Hey hey hey, Ah Build aka the building inspection guru is the right person to shed some light!


Upon receipt of a DH order, private slope owners may wish to follow the six steps below to comply with the order:


1     Understand the reason of the issuance of the order (If necessary, discuss among Owners’ Corporation or other owners about the follow-up actions.)

2      Engage an authorized person and a registered geotechnical engineer

3      Carry out investigation

4     Submit a slope stability assessment report or a slope works proposal to the Buildings Department (BD) according to the investigation result

5      Carry out slope works

6      Submit a report on completion of slope works to BD


Even after the discharge of the DH order, private slope owners are still required to carry out regular slope inspections and maintenance.


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