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Building safety tips

【Daily quiz – What is Ah Build doing?】

Ah Build, who gives you the nod to do the plastering yourself?  Under the “Minor Works Control System” (MWCS), shouldn’t you be appointing a qualified prescribed building professional or prescribed registered contractor under the Buildings Ordinance to carry out the works?


Ah Ding, simple works like common household renovation works are actually “exempted works”, for example:

1.      Internal plastering, painting or wall-paper works

2.      Repair or replacement of internal branch drainage pipes (other than embedded pipes and unauthorised pipes) (Note: Repair of external drainage pipes or internal main drainage pipes should be carried out under the requirements of MWCS)

3.      Repair or replacement of sanitary fitments (e.g. water closets, wash basins and bathtubs)


It is not necessary to obtain prior approval and consent for commencement of works from the Buildings Department. Nor do you need to appoint a qualified person or registered contractor for such works.


Ah Build, so that means I can help out~


#Build & Ding: Remember to ask building professionals for advice if you have doubt!  For more:





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