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Building safety tips

【Avoid last-minute hassles for minor works submission】

The works are commencing right away but I haven’t handed in the minor works submission to the Buildings Department yet.  What a rush!  I could really use your help here, Ah Ding. 


You do need my advice finally, Ah Build.  Forms and relevant documents for minor works submissions can be submitted electronically through the Electronic Forms Submission System:


Upon successful submission, a message box “Form submitted” will be displayed.  Applicant will also receive an email notification from the system later, which states: Submission Reference No., submission date/time, and success or not.  It’s really handy. 


Alternatively, you can email the prescribed forms for minor works together with the relevant documents (all with identity authenticated by a digital certificate) to

For details about the quick guides for e-Forms and e-Signatures, please visit:





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