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Building safety tips

【Four precautionary measures against typhoon to be taken to avoid site accidents】

Stand ready and get well prepared during typhoon season.  Taking proper precautionary measures for building works/construction sites is necessary especially when a typhoon is approaching!  Under safe circumstances when a tropical cyclone warning signal or a strong monsoon signal is announced by the Hong Kong Observatory, remember to check the scaffolding and tower cranes in building works or construction sites and take the following four precautionary measures against typhoon:


1.    Secure the position of the scaffolding and tower cranes to avoid accidents caused by their collapse or by their collision with adjacent structures.


2.    Ensure sufficient ties or tie wires of adequate strength are used to secure the scaffolding/tower cranes properly.


3.    Lower the height of the scaffolding/tower cranes as far as practicable.


4.    Remove any extra items surrounding the scaffolding/tower cranes, including the plastic sheeting covering the scaffolding.

Details on precautionary measures against typhoon:






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