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【The latest upgrade from #AhBuildAndAhDing – enhancement measures for the submission process of new building plans】

To enable a more sustainable development for the building industry, Ah Build and Ah Ding have been racking their brains to make the workflow in relation to new building works, from planning, approval to execution, smoother for industry practitioners.  Recently we have introduced enhancement measures to facilitate the submission process of new building plans and documents for the industry, and to expedite the processing and approval by the Buildings Department (BD).  Ah Build and Ah Ding list out highlights of the enhancement measures below:


1.    To facilitate approval, authorized persons can provide the necessary project particulars in stages according to the works progress upon submitting the first building plan to BD for approval.


2.    A master list of documents required for the approval of foundation plans and structural plans is drawn up to assist registered structural engineers to submit required documents in different stages and to facilitate their tracking of approval progress.


3.    To ensure timely completion of every important works project and procedure as well as timely preparation of documents, a checklist listing out plans, documents, etc. required for the application for an occupation permit has been prepared to help authorized persons make relevant arrangements accordingly.


4.    When applying for an occupation permit, submission of some of the documents in the form of DVD-rom is accepted to save papers and reduce carbon emissions.


5.    Deferral of submission of relevant amendment plans is allowed for some minor amendments carried out during foundation works in progress.





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