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Building safety tips

【Smart Tender: making tenders for building maintenance easier】

Collecting tenders for building maintenance can be a headache, especially when faced with the complexities of the process and the risk associated with bid-rigging. 


To address this challenge, appropriate safeguards and support measures have been put in place to reduce the risk of bid rigging during the tender process, including “Smart Tender” by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) (@URAmity).  With this electronic tendering platform, qualified project consultants and contractors can register and submit tenders.  Their identities will not be disclosed until tender opening to reduce the risk of manipulation or interference of the tender process.  Under Smart Tender, the URA will also arrange independent professionals to provide technical advice, independent cost estimates and building safety information for owners’ reference during the repairs.


Bid-rigging is not only illegal, but may also jeopardise the maintenance works.  Therefore, it’s crucial for owners to take an active role in the tender process to reduce the risk of bid-rigging and protect their own rights.


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