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Building safety tips

【☀How to install solar panels?】

Hey hey hey!  This is how you install a solar photovoltaic system!  

What do you associate the word “solar” with☀
I’m thinking about the environmentally friendly and useful #solar photovoltaic (PV) system!

Hey hey hey!  I know we all support #renewable energy.  That’s why I’m taking this opportunity to remind you that the installation of solar PV systems in both village houses and private buildings should be carried out by registered contractors to ensure that the systems comply with the Buildings Ordinance, or they will be regarded as #unauthorised building works.  Seek advice from the building professionals before installation if you have any enquiries.  

To know more:

For owners of New Territories Exempted Houses (village houses) 
For owners of private buildings (Pamphlet for Minor Works Control System: Supporting structures for building services installation, ventilation ducts and radio base stations)
CHOICE Magazine, Issue 541 (available in Chinese only):



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