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Building safety tips

【Village houses without unauthorised building works put your mind at ease】

Village houses are popular housing choices.  Far from the bustling metropolis, these spacious homes offer a peaceful lifestyle of stargazing at the rooftop and stretching out at the front yard.  How cool is that!

However, don’t put any unauthorised building works (UBWs) in your village house, such as rooftop structures or storage room on ground floor.  This could be a violation of the Buildings Ordinance.  If you have any UBWs, remove them as soon as possible or you will be served with a removal order.  Failure to remove the UBWs before the time specified may lead to prosecution.  Don’t wait until it’s too late!

To all of you who live in a village house, remember to check if there are any UBWs in your home for worry-free living!  Click the link below for examples on UBWs and green and amenity facilities!

Pamphlet on Village Houses without Unauthorised Building Works Put Your Mind at Ease


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