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Building safety tips

【#Hey hey hey! Check your drains! Their uses please explain!】

“Input” and “output” always come in pairs.  The primary function of household drainage pipes is to carry off foul water.  If an alteration goes wrong, they may cease to function properly, causing blockage and even the loss of water seal in the drainage pipes.  The odour may enter your home and it’ll be a big trouble!

Build & Ding Tips on the Maintenance of Domestic Drainage Pipes

  1. DO appoint a qualified contractor for alteration of internal drainage pipes!
  2. DO pour around half a litre of water into floor drains regularly!
  3. DON’T pour hot water into the drainage pipes because the steam may carry viruses!
  4. DON’T leave rubbish in the drainage pipes or floor drains to prevent blockage!


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