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Building safety tips

【Important notes on the erection, alteration and removal of drainage systems】

Pay attention to details during home renovation!  The erection, alteration and removal of the main pipes of aboveground drainage systems and the addition/alteration of branch pipes inside the flat are subject to control in terms of their design and construction.  The sanitary fitments involved, such as water closets, wash basins and bathtubs, must be provided with an effective water seal (such as a trap with anti-syphonage provision).

To ensure the drainage s­ystems of the property comply with the requirements, owners can appoint prescribed registered contractors to carry out works related to the erection, alteration or removal of aboveground drainage systems following the simplified requirements of the Minor Works Control System.  Such requirements also apply to the erection or alteration of drainage systems involved in subdivision of a flat (commonly known as subdivided flats). 

For details, please seek professional advice from building professionals. 

Minor works items [drainage (aboveground)]


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