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Building safety tips

【Build & Ding Breaking News】

Reminder: Pour water into drainage outlets, leave virus with no outlet!
Build and Ding have been paying close attention to the epidemic situation every day. ?

There was a recent case in which the virus might have transmitted into the premises through a dried-up trap due to a prior #alteration to the drainage pipes, infecting the resident within.  ?

A trap is the only device that separates drainage pipes and the indoor space.  When a trap is filled with adequate water, a water seal is formed and prevents viruses in the drainage pipes from entering the premises. 

To close the loophole in disease prevention, remember to pour at least 500 mL of water into the drainage outlet #at least once a week so that the traps can work effectively, lowering the risk of infection.  Don’t alter the drainage pipes illegally!  #Hey hey hey!  #Do a health check on the drains and the virus won’t remain! 

That’s all for today’s breaking news.  Thanks for watching!


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