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Building safety tips

【#Hey hey hey! Get your windows checked before the expiry date!】

“Somehow everything comes with an expiry date.  Mackerel pike expires.  Canned food expires.  Even a window expires.”  When the time comes, windows can be dislodged or even fall due to the lack of maintenance and improper use.  

#Build & Ding Tips for Window Maintenance:

  • Check regularly and clean the deposit off bar hinges and window tracks
  • Lubricate the bar hinges regularly (but not with lubricants or cleaning agents that could cause corrosion to the window components)
  • Clean the windows with water.  Keep the window tracks and the upper part of the sashes dry
  • Don’t hang any objects on the window sashes or bar hinges
  • Don’t force open or close the windows
  • Don’t put any additional load on the window sashes when cleaning

Stop daydreaming.  Appoint a qualified person for window inspection when necessary!

Window maintenance


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