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Building safety tips

【 ?The end of a rainbow…is the source of water seepage?! 】

Build and Ding don’t want to chase rainbows on the sky.  However, we have to trace that “rainbow” on your ceiling to identify the source of water seepage!

What should I do if there is water seepage on my ceiling?

Hey hey hey!  Owners have the responsibility to handle water seepage.  The most effective way is to approach your neighbour upstairs and investigate the cause of the seepage.  Seek assistance from the property management company or the Owners’ Corporation of your building if necessary. 

Water seepage on the ceiling can be caused by the deteriorated waterproofing of the bathroom/kitchen or leakage from drainage pipes.  You’ll be able to identify the source of the seepage with a simple colour water and ponding test most of the times.

It’s easy to do the test on your own!  Read the “Do It Yourself to Investigate Water Seepage” pamphlet


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