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Building safety tips

【A beginner’s guide to replace a bathtub with a shower】

Remember to install a trap when you replace a bathtub with a shower tray during a home renovation!  Without a trap for the shower, foul odour and viruses may enter your home through the drainage pipes.  Most traps for showers are installed below the drain outlet and sometimes at the external walls.  If you find that no trap is installed, arrange the installation of a trap with anti-syphonage air valves as soon as possible!

In general, the replacement of indoor traps in accordance with the original design is exempted building works.  The installation of traps with anti-syphonage air valves can be carried out on your own given that the works comply with the building design and construction standards stipulated in the Buildings Ordinance.  Alteration to the drainage pipes or addition of traps are minor works and have to be carried out by qualified contractors under the Minor Works Control System.  Forms and documents should also be submitted to the Buildings Department.  If you have any enquiries, please seek help from qualified building professionals or qualified registered contractors. 

For information on Minor Works Control System

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