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Building safety tips

【Hey hey hey, it’s no joke. Contravention will lead to prosecution.】

Remember to follow the guidelines for window inspection closely to ensure window safety.  Failure to comply with the laws may lead to prosecution.  Recently, a window fell from a flat in Jordan after inspection.  Investigation revealed that the qualified person responsible for the window inspection of the flat had not carried out the inspection personally.  He also misrepresented in a certificate submitted to the Buildings Department that the window repair had been completed when it wasn’t.

The qualified person was disciplined as a result.  He was prohibited from carrying out prescribed inspection and repair for one year, and had to pay over $400,000 for the costs of the inquiry.

Build & Ding Reminders:
Any qualified person who contravenes the relevant provisions of the Buildings Ordinance in carrying out prescribed window inspection and repair under the Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme is subject to enforcement by the Buildings Department under the Ordinance.  Don’t be tempted to challenge the laws.

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