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Building safety tips

【This is not Art Gallery】

Ah Build recently came across a series of “works” created some years ago.  He’d like to share it and invite you to a virtual tour!


Oxidative Corrosion

The Laws of Nature, 1992

Rusted metal frame, rusted screws and cracked glass

150 cm x 120 cm

No window can stand the wear and tear of time.  Timely maintenance, inspection and repair are crucial. 


Rusted Reinforcement Bars

The Bars that Cannot Be Exposed, 1982

Spalling concrete and rusted steel reinforcement bars

2 m x 1 m

The steel reinforcement bars should be embedded in concrete walls and slabs.  Their exposure is a sign of building neglect. 


Leakage and Ageing Materials

Layers of Cracks, 2001

Rusted or ageing materials

2 m x 3 m

Arrange an inspection and repair for the cracks on the walls as early as possible.  Nip the problem in the bud.


This is not art.  Each of the above defects is a safety concern.  If you see any of these, arrange an inspection and/or repair with a building professional and/or registered contractor immediately!


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