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Building safety tips

【?It’s not any other door!】

Doors aren’t all the same!  Not all guard against theft, some protect lives and properties from dangers.  That’s right!  It’s fire rated doors that I’m talking about.  Remember the following notes when carrying out fire safety improvement works:

1️⃣  Submit the supplier’s statement and test report/assessment report demonstrating that the fire rated door has been tested by an accredited laboratory and complies with the required standards.  Both BS and BS EN Standards are acceptable.

2️⃣  If a fire rated door requires smoke seal in the design, the submission should be accompanied by the test report/assessment report regarding the smoke seal.

3️⃣  A fire rated door should meet the construction requirements stipulated in the test report/assessment report, including the dimensions, ironmongery works and intumescent strip.

4️⃣  A fire rated door should be firmly implanted to the surrounding walls without any visible gaps to prevent the spread of fire and smoke to the other side.

5️⃣  A fire rated door should be provided with a door closer.  Its self-closing function would keep the door closed.


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