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Building safety tips

【 Qualified person disciplined for failing to discharge duties properly 】

We would like to send Likes to all owners who have appointed qualified persons for windows inspection upon receipt of notice!  ????????
This time, Ah Build would like to send a reminder to the contractors.  ????????‍♂????????‍♀

Prescribed window inspection and repair are not to be taken lightly.  Qualified persons should deliver services of professional quality to ensure public safety.

A registered minor works contractor was prohibited by the Disciplinary Board from certifying any prescribed window inspection and repair for nine months for failing to discharge the duties or abide by the requirements imposed under the Buildings Ordinance.  The contractor shall also pay about $53,000 in total for the costs of the inquiry.  

Build & Ding Reminders:
Any qualified person who contravenes the relevant provisions of the Buildings Ordinance in carrying out prescribed window inspection and repair under the Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme is subject to enforcement under the Ordinance.  

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