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Building safety tips

【Important notes on replacement of windows and window walls】

What’s more important than reliable windows and solid window walls that don’t crack during the storm and rainy season?  If anything goes wrong with the windows, property owners should arrange replacement or repair with qualified contractors!

Hey hey hey!  If a window or window wall does not form any part of the existing protective barrier, i.e. its lowest main frame is ≥ 1.1 m from the adjoining floor, the replacement of such window or window wall should be carried out under minor works item 1.60/2.8/3.6.  If owners aren’t sure whether the windows or window walls form any part of the existing protective barriers, they should seek advice from building professionals!

For further details, please visit the Buildings Department’s webpage on Technical Guidelines on Minor Works Control System, or seek professional advice from building professionals or registered contractors.

Minor works items (windows or window walls)

Minor works items (protective barriers)


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