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【What are exempted works/Designated Exempted Works?】

What do plastering to the walls and foundation to a face have in common?  They both give a smooth appearance!

Ah Build would like to let you know that simple works like internal plastering, painting or the repair/replacement of sanitary fitments are exempted works.  In addition to the exempted works, there are 30 Designated Exempted Works, such as erection of solid fence walls, mesh fences, metal ventilation ducts or planters, and the laying/replacement of waterproofing layers on roof surface that comply with the requirements.  They need not be carried out through the Minor Works Control System.  However, neither exempted works nor Designated Exempted Works should contravene the Buildings Ordinance and other laws!

Ah Build would also like to make a reminder: some renovation works are minor works and have to be carried out by prescribed building professionals and/or registered contractors!  Sort out the details before renovation!

Introduction to Designated Exempted Works


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