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Building safety tips

【Integrated Building Rehabilitation Assistance Scheme】

We’ve shared a lot of information about fire safety lately.  Many property owners asked Build and Ding whether government assistance can be obtained for the improvement works required upon the receipt of Fire Safety Direction and Fire Safety Improvement Direction.

Hey hey hey~  The government offers different types of assistance schemes for you.  The all-in-one #Integrated Building Rehabilitation Assistance Scheme, for instance, provides financial and technical support to owners.  Owners can simply complete one set of application forms for multiple applications to carry out building and window repair works.

Owners may also apply for loans via the Building Safety Loan Scheme of the Buildings Department.  There are no excuses not to check your building~

Check out which scheme is useful to you:
Integrated Building Rehabilitation Assistance Scheme (IBRAS)
Building Safety Loan Scheme


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