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【My Guest from the UBWs Star?! EP1 Don’t Miss Out the “U” when Replacing the Bathtub】 Through our hard work, we finally locate the whereabouts of To Siu-kiu, a visitor from the UBWs Star in space. Not surprisingly, she wants to convert the bathtub at home into a shower tray upon arrival, without observing the rules and “U”! Hey, hey, hey, hold on a second! Our “Flat-Check” star mentor will explain why the conversion cannot be carried out just at will. Watch the video to know more.


【My Guest from the UBWs Star?! EP2 Managing the Drainage Pipes in the Toilets】 Our guest from the UBWs Star Siu-kiu is making mischief again! Previously on the series, we learnt that we should install a U-trap when converting a bathtub into a shower tray. In this episode, Siu-kiu intends to mess with the drainage pipes! Alright, our “Flat-Check” star mentor will talk about what anti-syphonage pipes are in this episode. Watch the video if you want to know too!


【My Guest from the UBWs Star?! EP3 Turn to the Qualified Persons!】 Hey, hey, hey! Drainage pipes are not to be tampered with. We must conduct a “Flat-Check” before carrying out any alteration. Siu-kiu seems to be good student material! In this episode, our “Flat-Check” star mentor will explain the requirements for alteration of drainage pipes and works fallen under the description of designated exempted works. Let’s watch the video and learn together!


【My Guest from the UBW Star?! EP4 The Minor Works Matter】 This time, our guest from the UBW Star Siu-kiu is going to make a mess again at her friend's new home. Not only she wants to enlarge the windows and the supporting frame of the air-conditioning unit, but also to erect a canopy and a drying rack. Luckily, our “Flat-Check” star mentor will give instant explanation on how to distinguish between Minor Works and the Designated Exempted Works. There is much to learn about household renovation works. Let’s watch the video and learn together!

【My Guest from the UBW Star?! EP5 Learn about the rooftop】 Why don’t we build a store room on the roof to make use of the area? Hold on! Our “Flat-Check” star mentor gives good advice to our guest from the UBW Star Siu-kiu again. Let’s check out the video and learn together!

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