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"Building Safety Pioneer Programme" (BSPP) 2017/2018

6 June 2017

The Buildings Safety Pioneer Programme has been organized by the Buildings Department since 2014 to encourage young people to understand the close relationship between building safety and daily life and to develop their concerns and responsibilities for the living environment. This year, the BSPP 2017/2018, organized by the Buildings Department, co-organized by the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Education City, will kick-off in mid-July 2017.

Each secondary school may nominate 5 students between F.2 – F.4 in the 2017/18 school year. 12 secondary schools with a total of about 60 students will be admitted to participate in the one-year "Building Safety Pioneer Programme".

The program aims to let students understand the importance of building safety and the responsibility of the owners, as well as the role of the Buildings Department, the building professionals and the property management companies. Through different workshops and visits, participating students will learn to design and produce a 30-second promotional video to promote building safety.

For inquiries, please call 3696 6944.

"Building Safety Pioneer Programme" (BSPP) 2017/2018

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