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Building safety tips

【A brand new signboard for a brand new shop?】

It is vital to have a brand new signboard for a brand new shop!  Well, nope!  It is vital to appoint a prescribed building professional to confirm that the brand new signboard for the brand new shop is also legal!  Hey hey hey, to reflect technological advancement, the Buildings Department analyses big data to target new business operators and/or tenants who might erect/retain signboards and promote to them various means of legal erection of signboards through issuing letters, advising them how to retain existing signboards under the Signboard Validation Scheme so that everyone understands the importance of signboard safety in order to minimise chances of accidents.


Remember to consult relevant building professionals before erecting signboards.  Preventive maintenance of both signboards and buildings is crucial to upholding #SignboardSafety and #BuildingSafety.

Let’s #NipProblemsInTheBud!



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