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【Unfortunately, it will not last forever】

“Gone are the days when I could have renewed my registration as a Registered Minor Works Contractor (RMWC), but I didn’t cherish the plentiful time.  Now that the registration has expired and it simply leaves me with endless regret…  If only I could extend the period of validity for the registration, I would like it to be~10 000 years…”  (music plays) 


Hey hey hey, although the registration would never last that long, you can submit renewal application to the Buildings Department not earlier than 4 months and not later than 28 days prior to date of expiry of the registration.  Anyone who carries out minor works with an expired registration commits an offence.  Recently, an RMWC was convicted and fined $27,000 because of that! 


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#Build & Ding are here to remind all RMWCs to ditch the waiting and stalling~  Go check the date of expiry of your registration and renew it on time.  





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