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Building safety tips

【#Hey hey hey! Check your drains! Your bathroom really stinks!??】

What’s that smell in my bathroom?  Does it come from my “powerful” bowel movement…or is it because the U-shaped trap isn’t functioning well?  The culprit is definitely your drainage pipes if you clean it daily!  Defective drainage pipes not only give off foul odour, but may also bring viruses into your home.  Build and Ding will show you the must-check items with drainage pipes for disease prevention. 

In most bathrooms, soil pipes are used for the discharge of human waste, while waste pipes are used for the discharge of used water from bathtubs, shower trays and wash basins.

Do you use U-shaped/bottle traps?  If you do, pour half a litre of water into the drain outlets once a week to prevent foul odour and viruses from entering your home!  Gently clearing the drainage once in a while to keep the drainage pipes free from blockage! 

In case:

In case U-shaped/bottle traps are missing, or there is damage or leakage in the drainage pipes, arrange a drainage inspection with a professional immediately. 

Hey hey hey!  If you would like to learn more about drainage pipes, stay tuned to the tips from Build and Ding!


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