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Building safety tips

【Keeping up with Build and Ding】

“I don’t know.  I don’t care.”  Do you think you can pass the buck with this?  When it comes to building maintenance, your parents might have kept an eye on the building and paid for the repair in the past.  Hey hey hey!  Now that you’re all grown up and have become a new owner, it’s your turn to become a keyholder and take care of the building.  Learn how to keep the building in good condition.  You hold the key to building safety! 

#Hey hey hey!  Buildings’ thingies ain’t no easy-peasy.  Both new and existing owners have to keep up to date with the knowledge on building maintenance.  If you have no ideas, follow our #Build & Ding Tips for advice from building professionals and life hacks for everyday building maintenance.  If you deal with the problems as they surface, you may be able to prevent accidents!


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