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Building safety tips

【Doctor Building and the Multitude of Defective Signboards】

Hey hey hey!  Look up: signboards, signboards everywhere.  Some are worn and torn, and others seem to be in prolonged lack of maintenance.  This is not good!  Signboard owners have the responsibility to maintain their signboards in a structurally safe condition at all times, and to remove the signboards when ceasing to operate the business and notify the Buildings Department.

To improve street environment and ensure safety of pedestrians, Ah Build has drawn the ultimate weapon – Defective Signboards Diagnostic System.  Also known as the Eye of Artificial Intelligence, it deploys vehicles equipped with photogrammetry and/or 3D scanning equipment to patrol busy areas of high population density.  The captured digital information will subsequently be analysed through artificial intelligence (AI) that automatically identifies defective signboards.  All signboards in the street are monitored.  To know more, stay tuned to our social media updates!


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