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【Take your time. Allow abundant time for minor works submission】

People often ask #Build & Ding, how to complete the Notice of Commencement by filling in the correct Date of Commencement of the Works before starting off Class I/II minor works.  When can they commence the minor works? 


Under the “Minor Works Control System”, the Notice of Commencement of Class I/II Minor Works (MW01/MW03) and all supporting documents should be submitted at least 7 days before the commencement of works.


As some of you might be uncertain about the 7-day requirement, let me explain: The first day is defined as the first working day when the Buildings Department (BD) receives the form during working hours. In such a case, the earliest possible date for commencement of works would be the eighth day.  Here is a simple example for illustration: if you successfully submit the Notice of Commencement in person to the Receipt Counter of BD on 10 May, you can commence the works on 17 May earliest! 

For minor works submission by post, please allow sufficient time for mail delivery!


Additionally, for re-submission of forms and supporting documents in respect of a previous minor works submission, please indicate the submission number at “Previously Related Minor Works Submission Number” on the new form to facilitate processing.





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