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Building safety tips

【Build & Ding • ESH • Together we decarbonise】

Big Waster, you mentioned “Code #ESH”, short for “Electronic Submission Hub”, the platform that enables online submission of structural plans and supporting documents.  It allows us to go paperless but leaves my printer idle.  I might as well take it to Greeny for recycling! 


Let’s dive into the main topic.  With ESH implemented, it can save the industry the hassles of handing in paper-based documents to the Buildings Department in person, thereby reducing paper use 📄 and carbon emissions generated along the way.  This could be the ultimate solution to achieving the two goals that even Big Waster gives his thumbs-up!


The industry could also submit their Building Information Modelling (BIM) files through ESH.  As the application of BIM facilitates the calculation of materials required for building projects and creates simulations of building designs and surroundings at virtual reality, it helps make early identification and resolution of potential problems before the commencement of works.  The practice is conducive to minimising waste of building materials, echoing the target of “Green Buildings” in the “Four Decarbonisation Strategies” you speak of very often, Big Waster! 


Many are under the impression that I am only an advocate for building safety, but indeed I am also an avid supporter for decarbonisation.  Why don’t we do collaboration on environmental protection and building safety more often? 


Details on Electronic Submission Hub:




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