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Building safety tips

【Build & Ding Drama: Be careful with drainage alteration during kitchen and bathroom renovation】

Ah Ding took a deep interest in building safety when he learned that Ah Build was to renovate the kitchen and bathroom of his home.  Let Ah Ding show you the things to note when you make alteration to the drainage pipes in the kitchen and bathroom.

Build and Ding would like to remind you that the replacement of internal branch pipes (other than embedded pipes)/sanitary fitments (such as water closets, wash basins and bathtubs) in accordance with the original design is exempted works, and can be carried out on your own.  The original design of branch pipes refers to the drainage design shown on the approved plans or prescribed plans.  You may view the approved plans or prescribed plans concerned via the BRAVO System (registration required) or in person at Building Information Centre (online appointment available).  Please be reminded not to contravene any Building Regulations or other laws when carrying out exempted works. 

Alteration of internal main pipes/branch pipes, such as the erection of additional drainage pipes for altering the positions of sanitary fitments, is minor works item 2.30 and/or item 3.23.  Owners have to appoint qualified contractors to carry out the works and inform the Buildings Department in accordance with the Minor Works Control System. 

To learn whether your works fall under minor works item 2.30 or item 3.23, please visit the Buildings Department website

For online registration or appointment for enquiries related to approved plans or prescribed plans, please visit the Buildings Department website


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