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Building Safety Pioneer Program

23, May 2014

Organised by the Buildings Department (BD) and co-organised by the Education Bureau, the Building Safety Pioneer (BSP) Programme will be launched in June 2014 to promote building safety through public education targeting youngsters in Hong Kong. Selected 59 secondary school students will go through a one year programme that is designed to help students understand the importance of building safety, the responsibilities as building owners and occupants to care for their buildings, the duties of various stakeholders who are involved in the building construction, management and maintenance process including BD and building professionals as well as the role and initiatives of the BD to promote building safety.

Also, all Hong Kong students are invited to browse our thermic website and play the online games “Building Pioneers” & “Defect Shooter” within the period from June 2014 to February 2015 for winning the “Most Supportive School” award.

You may find the details and the timetable for the “Building Safety Pioneer Program” in the following attachment:

Attachment 1:Details
Attachment 2:Timetable

Building Safety Pioneer Program

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